Product lifecycle management (PLM) is an information management system that can integrate data, processes, business systems and, ultimately, people in an extended enterprise. PLM software allows you to manage this information throughout the entire lifecycle of a product efficiently and cost-effectively, from ideation, design and manufacture, through service and disposal.
Teamcenter helps you deliver increasingly complex products to market while maximizing productivity and streamlining global operations. Active Integration provides a collaborative framework between Teamcenter and other enterprise application systems to enable bi-directional information exchange, making the right data available anywhere across your enterprise.
Accelerate Innovation with Leading-Edge 3D Product Design Software The increasing complexity of products, development processes and design teams challenges you to find new tools and methods to deliver greater innovation and higher quality at lower cost.
Improve product performance by accounting for all domains, conditions, sub-systems and interface definitions in a single systems architecture. To help you approach your product as a whole system, Teamcenter provides a collaborative, closed-loop, model-based systems engineering environment within our product lifecycle management (PLM) solution. You can use system architecture, system modeling, system simulation and requirements management tools tied to the rest of your company’s product and process knowledge, so you can fully understand your products as cross-domain systems.